"The greatest discovery you'll ever make is the potential of your own mind."

Jose Silva.....

The Silva Method

Do you remember the last time everything seemed to fall into place? You were so focused? There was a natural rhythm to everything…you were in the flow?
Have you ever wished that would happen more consistently in your life?

The Silva Method holds the secret of unleashing the Powers of Your Mind. It is really the "secret" behind "The Secret". The Ability to Function Consciously at the Alpha Level.

The yogis, gurus, masters and enlightened ones know this. Alpha is the level for:
Creative Manifestation
Heightened Empathy
Eliminating Stress of any kind

In other words, you can feel the chains of limitation and oppression, but if you utilize these specific Silva Method techniques you will always break the chains.

The former Silva Basic Lecture Seminar has been divided into two individual seminars: the Silva Life System and the Silva Inuition Training. Both of these outstanding two-day seminars will help you to develop the untapped potential of your mind in countless ways.

The Silva Life System is the foundation to all other Silva programs. The SLS will not only unleash the vast powers of your mind but also incorporate the Law of Attraction into your life. You will understand and be able to live the "Secret" and even more importantly embrace the keys and untold "secrets" to enable you to live the life of your dreams! It is designed to elevate the creative powers of your mind by use of meditation, visualization, imagination and positive thinking.

The Silva Inuition Training focuses predominately on developing the use of intuition or ESP, incorporating some of the techniques of the SLS in developing innovative and creative thinking and advancing your mental and spiritual development. In addition, you will learn how to identify your personal mission in life and then to use the creative power within..

Other mind development or motivational trainings are great at telling you the importance of optimism and staying focused and positive. The SLS actually gives you a STEP-BY-STEP, proven process for mastering these skills. Based on more than four decades of brain research, SLS is a reliable way to make more use of the amazing untapped skills of your mind. Learn the Life Transforming Techniques that made us famous. . .

Dr. Wayne Dyer, a well-known author and psychologist states:

"I have used the Silva techniques for many years. They have helped me to overcome illnesses and accidents and avoid surgery… I urge you to look for the training sessions around the country."

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About Us

JEANIE BENGTSON, M.Ed. is the Founder and President of the Living Awareness Foundation and the Director of the Silva Method for the Greater Philadelphia Area and Delaware. Trained and guided by Jose Silva, she is a consistent award-winning instructor and is considered one of the top Silva Lecturers in the United States. She presently serves on the International Board of Advisors for the Silva Organization. Her seminars and workshops, both Silva Method as well as her own creations, have touched the lives and hearts of tens of thousands of people throughout the last three decades.

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